Hero EZephyr Electric Cycle Review

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Hero EZephyr Electric cycle

Now a days our routine life is making our health worse day by day. It is the time to think about an option which can save us from pollution and make our body healthy. Studies say that people who use a bicycle in their daily routine are healthier, more productive, and require less time off at work. This is why most enlightened employers are eager to accommodate commuting cyclists. Healthy workers are better workers — and that’s good for the bottom line. So bicycle is the best option to improve your lifestyle. Since last few weeks I am using Hero Lectro EZephyr Electric Cycle and here is the review of EZephyr Electric Cycle.

Hero EZephyr Electric

Lectro EZephyr is an electric bicycle with an electric motor fitted in it which assist the movement of the bicycle. Over the look, cycle is just like a traditional cycle. It is made up of a strong 6061 aluminum alloy frame and the weight of cycle is just 16 Kg. The battery is intelligently packed in the front rod of the frame that is why it is safe and saved space. The motor is fitted at the center of the rear rim.

You can choose the cycle to run on manual mode or with the assistance of a motor. At the left handlebar, there is a small console which allows you to switch the level of input getting from BLDC motor. The working of the console is very easy and user-friendly. If you are running on manual mode I would suggest you turn the console off until you are completely exhausted. Use the motor just to assist your motion. At the right handlebar, there is an accelerator to increase the speed of cycle. Use the paddles as much as you can, use motor once you completely exhausted.

The cycle comes with a seven-speed Shimano drivetrain system. At the right handlebar, there is a lever to shift down and an SIS Index button to shift up. To switch from low to high and from high to low is very easy while running the cycle. There is an LED light equipped at up front of the frame which is connected to the battery. The front and rear reflectors come as standard with the EZephyr.

It comes with 700C, double wall, 36H rims covered by 18-inch tyres. The tyres are quite thin and meant for the good roads. It was not a good experience on bad roads because there is no suspension set up. I consider it as one of the disadvantages. The EZephyr comes with a disc brake at the front and a conventional V-brake at the rear. The brakes are not up to mark and needs improvement.

BLDC 36V/250W
36V x 5.8Ah Li-ion
7-speed Shimano Gears
Weight 16kg
Suspension Rigid
Front Brakes Disc brake
Rear Brakes V-brake
Tyres 18 inch
Price Rs. 26,999

Along with the suspension, it also misses out few basic things including mudguards and a bell or horn. You can not judge the distance covered because it is lagging the distance meter. The seat is well cushioned and is adjustable.

Without paddling you can get a speed of 6kmph with the help of motor but you can achieve a speed of 35 kmph easily with minimal efforts of the paddle on high mode. You can use the modes according to your need. With the electric assist, you will get a smooth ride with fewer efforts. Assist feature is just to boost you motion to maintain a good speed with fewer efforts.

Hero EZephyr Electric

A good quality of the battery is packed inside the frame. The company claims a 45 Km ride with the electric power on a full charge battery. It is difficult to measure the exact distance covered with fully charged battery because there is no distance meter on the cycle. I got an idea of distance covered with a fully charged battery is about 30 to 40 Kms without paddling. If you are using paddles along with the assist feature, for sure you will cover the distance of more than 45 Km on a single charge. Once you feel the battery is weak you can get a replacement. The battery takes around 4 Hours to fully charge the battery.

The EZephyr could be a good replacement of electric scooters for your commuting in city streets. The price of the EZephyr is Rs. 26,999 which is a bit expensive but this is the only option in the segment. The overall build quality of Lectro EZephyrelectric bicycle is good and it is compact enough for carrying and lifting. The slim form factor is really impressive.


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