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Which Different Type Of Car Insurance Should You buy??

Parth Pathak August 16, 2021 Leave a Comment Buying Tips
image signifying car insurance

When you purchase a car, you have to buy insurance to protect your car against damages. We often get confused about the type of insurance we need to buy. There are many different types of insurance in the market from various companies. Therefore, choosing from different types of insurance and insurance companies becomes difficult at […]


Easiest Way To Apply For Driving License In India.

Parth Pathak July 16, 2021 Leave a Comment Buying Tips
Animated picture of a driving license

To drive any motor controlled vehicle in India, you need a driving license. This article tells you the easiest way to apply for a driving license. There are many categories in which you can apply for a licence- MC 50CC (Motorcycle 50cc) — motorcycles with gears and 50cc engine. MC EX50CC (Motorcycle more than 50cc) — motorcycles, […]


Why Regular Car Service Is Important

Parth Pathak July 16, 2021 Leave a Comment Buying Tips
Car-service Image

In India, a lot of car owners do not get their cars regularly serviced. A car is a machine that needs constant care to properly function. This is why regular car service is important. Myths and rumours about car manufacture suggesting unnecessary items and services that increase price spread very easily. Due to this, many […]


Tyre Size: Major Factor of Performance

Moksh Babbar June 30, 2021 Leave a Comment Analysis & Features

Tyres are the lone thing in your vehicle that are really in contact with the road. Performance is an emotion; for some, it can be the power of the vehicle, handling, comfort or it can be the terms of mileage. Noise level and comfort also depend on the size of the wheels. Wheels or tires […]


Tata Harrier: The Perfect Variant For You

Parth Pathak June 24, 2021 Leave a Comment Analysis & Features
Tata Harrier

TATA Harrier took on the Indian Mid-Sized SUV segment in 2019 by storm. Even after choosing to buy the Tata Harrier, the perfect Tata Harrier variant for you can be hard to decide. The following article will most likely give the answer to all your questions. Harrier with its extraordinary design elements taken from the […]


The Truth About TATA Nexon EV

Moksh Babbar June 24, 2021 Leave a Comment Analysis & Features

In recent times EVs have become a popular choice in the Indian market. One of these cars is the TATA Nexon EV. Everybody is amped up for the vehicle since it’s anything but a reasonable electric vehicle dispatched by quite possibly the most confided in car manufacturers in the Indian market Here is why TATA […]


8 Practices To increase Mileage of Your Car

Parth Pathak June 21, 2021 Leave a Comment Buying Tips
How to increage mileage of your car

Mileage / Fuel efficiency Mileage or fuel efficiency is the distance your vehicle will travel in kilometres using one litre of fuel. This means the higher the mileage of the car, the lower will be the fuel consumption and, therefore, lesser would be your fuel expense. In recent times, the prices of fuel in India […]



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