Tyre Size: Major Factor of Performance

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Tyres are the lone thing in your vehicle that are really in contact with the road. Performance is an emotion; for some, it can be the power of the vehicle, handling, comfort or it can be the terms of mileage. Noise level and comfort also depend on the size of the wheels. Wheels or tires play a vital role in all the factors. 

Every company provides a standard size of the vehicle, keeping in mind all the factors. However, we can experience that with the greater model of the same vehicle, wheels are different as it depends upon the customer choice and the car’s need.

Power & Speed

The larger or wider the tyre which means the more contact area would increase the car’s grip on the road. For the power lovers, they are the best choice as it helps to increase acceleration and braking efficiency. But then, for motor, it is harder to pivot bigger wheels thus decreasing the car’s mileage.

Noise, Vibration, and Harshness (NVH)

The name suggests that it is the measure of disturbance experienced . More modest wheels are generally calmer and have lesser vibration particularly when you are driving on a harsh landscape.


Wheel play very important role in the handling of vehicle, increasing the size of the wheel would result in better handling. But then , handling doesnt depend only on the wheels other factors like suspension, brakes, transimission and steering. If upgrading your wheels other systems must also be reconfigured accordingly.

Fuel efficiency

Each additional kilogram added to the wheels or tires squeezes the motor and diminishes vehicle’s effiecncy.Wheel size as per recomended by the company according the body of the vehicle give best result in terms of milleage.


You would settle on the more prominent tires for added solace as the bigger side dividers will offer a superior padding impact. The drawback here is an absence of cornering hold as similar tall sidewalls will get overemphasized by the cornering powers.


As the size of the edge increments , the tires fall under the class of low profile tires to deal with the general size of the wheels in case they brush the bodywork. Low profile tyres provide unparallel performance but it is anxious ride .


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